about us

At Glimm we believe in the power of fashion to spark change and raise awareness in society. Our main goal is to draw attention to grievances and create a platform for change. All of this paired with creative and free ideas. 

We pursue a sustainable vision and are passionate about protecting the environment. Our brand stands for a culture of knowledge and education.

Sustainability is at the core of our values. We strive to use environmentally friendly materials and production processes to minimize the negative impact on our planet.

Through recycling and upcycling we want to close the loop and reuse valuable resources. In the future we will develop projects that raise awareness and encourage people to make conscious choices. We want to break down barriers and create positive change in the fashion industry. We attach great importance to transparency and share our knowledge to promote an informed consumer community.

Glimm is not just a brand - it's a movement. Together we can revolutionize the fashion industry and make a contribution to protecting our environment. By bringing fashion and recycling together we strive for a sustainable future where beauty and responsibility go hand in hand.

Be part of the change. Be a part of the Glimm ✨